EU Higher Education


Syrian Higher Education
Syrian Main Public Universities

  1. Damascus University:
  2. Aleppo University:
  3. AL-Baath University:
  4. Tishreen University:
  5. Al-Furat University:
  6. Syrian Virtual University:


Syrian Private Universities

  1. University of Kalamoon:
  2. Ittihad Private University:
  3. Arab International University:
  4. International University For Science & Technology:
  5. Wadi International University:
  6. Al Andalus University for Medical Sciences:
  7. Aljazeera University:
  8. Yarmouk Private University:
  9. Arab Academy for Science,Technology & Maritime Transport:
  10. Al-Wataniya Private University:
  11. Cordoba Private University:
  12. Syrian Private University:
  13. Alsham University:
  14. Al Shahbaa University:
  15. Sham Higher Institute for Islamic Sciences, Arabic, and Islamic Studies and Research:,
  16. Al-Rasheed International University for Science & Technology:
  17. Qasyoun Private University For Science And Technology:
  18. Arab University For Science & Technology:
  19. Al Hawash Private University: :


Syrian Higher Institutes

  1. Higher Institute For Applied Sciences & Technology (HIAST):
  2. Higher Institute of Business Administration (HIBA):
  3. Institute National d'Administration (INA):
  4. Higher Institute for Administrative Development (HIAD):
  5. Higher Institute For Laser Research And Application (HILRA):
  6. Higher Institute of Earthquake Studies & Research:


Syrian Ministries

  1. Syrian Parliament:
  2. Syrian Prime Ministry:
  3. Ministry of Higher
  4. Ministry of Tourism:
  5. Ministry of Education:
  6. Ministry of Interiors:
  7. Ministry of Petrol & Mineral Resources:
  8. Ministry of Economy and Trade:
  9. Ministry of Information:
  10. Ministry of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform:
  11. Ministry of Health:
  12. Ministry of Transportation:
  13. Ministry of Water Resources:
  14. Ministry of Communications and Technology:
  15. Ministry of Electricity:
  16. Ministry of Finance:
  17. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates:
  18. Ministry of Culture:
  19. Ministry of Labor:
  20. Ministry of Endowments:
  21. State Planning and Cooperation Commission:


 League Of Arab States
Association of Arab Universities
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
The International Association of Universities (IAU)
DG Education and Culture (DG EAC C 4) - International cooperation and programmes INFORMATION - VISITORS PACK - Brochure Leaflet (Download PDF file hereunder)
Opportunities for staff mobility:







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